9/4/13- Trouble at McDonald’s

We left Delhi for Jaipur and took probably what seemed to be the longest 6-hour car drive I’ve ever been in. We stopped 3 times, once at McDonald’s, a gas station and another pit stop so our van drivers could eat. The McDonald’s break was for lunch since we were going to be on the road for such a long time. I rarely eat McDonald’s back home and here I was skimming the menu to see what would keep me full for the next 6 hours. The menu was obviously different but some of the meals were still pretty similar to value meals we have in the U.S. I just found it so interesting that the ingredients were almost completely different from the ingredients used back at home yet the meals were so similar. I’ve never seen such a different McDonald’s menu so I took a picture of it hoping I could compare it to one back in MN when I leave home. As I took my 2nd picture, one of the workers called me out and said, “No pictures please, ma’am.” Startled and confused, I apologized and wondered why it wasn’t ok for me to take pictures of the menu. It wasn’t until 5 minutes after I ordered my 250-rupee chicken wrap meal when I realized why taking pictures wasn’t welcomed. I would’ve never guessed that I would eat a chicken wrap at a McDonald’s in India, let alone get in trouble for taking a picture of their menu.

Lesson learned: Always ask if you can take a picture of something before you do it.


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